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5 Parenting Tips For Playing The Digital Heavy [X-Post]

[This blog post originally appeared on Good Digital Parenting.] It comes as a shock to most new parents, flushed as they are with the excitement of new life, that parenting is not all sunshine and bunnies. Sleep deprivation is the first clue, but the real wake-up call occurs when the little angel does something that…

Cybertraps for Educators and Districts [Lecture]

2014-01-17 Cybertraps for Educators and Districts from Frederick Lane A presentation delivered to the San Diego County Office of Education Joint Powers Authority on January 17, 2014. If you are interested in discussing a presentation or professional development program for your organization on this topic, please contact me for information regarding my rates and availability.


Daniel Day-Lewis on Oscar speeches: "If you can’t find your own words in situations like this, it would be a little sad." #Oscars #Lincoln — OscarInterviews (@OscarInterviews) February 25, 2013 Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Etiam congue diam gravida arcu porta feugiat. Pellentesque convallis laoreet pellentesque. Sed scelerisque rhoncus felis. Aliquam euismod…

Can You See Me Now? [Lecture]

2010-07-28 Can You See Me Now? from Frederick Lane Subtitle: “The Growing Problem of Sexting Among School-Age Children.” A presentation delivered to the Catawba County School District on July 28, 2010, in Conover, NC. This lecture is appropriate for school boards, district staff and teachers, and parents. It also can be adapted for students at…