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profile picWelcome to my Web site. I am an expert on the impact of emerging technologies on society, with a particular emphasis on personal and workplace privacy, student use and misuse of technology, and the culture wars.

I have written seven books, have lectured extensively over the past two decades, and provide expert witness services in the field of computer forensics. I am also a past chairman of the Burlington (VT) School Board.

I live in Brooklyn, NY with my family. Additional information is available throughout this Web site.

It’s 2 a.m. Do You Know What Your Kids and Their Teachers Are Doing Online??

Cybertraps for Educators Can Help You Find Out

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My seventh book, Cybertraps for Educators, was published in January 2015. It is available online in paperback and ebook.

From the Back Cover:

“Educators are not only expected to be experts in content, curriculum, and pedagogy, they are also tasked with meeting the holistic needs of a highly vulnerable population. As a result, the emotional and intellectual interplay that occurs daily between students and educators is laden with professional risks. By utilizing authentic headline-grabbing cases, coupled with expertise leveraged from his vast experience as both an attorney and a computer forensics expert, Frederick Lane communicates an unescapable narrative … the cyber landscape for educators is treacherous, and inattentiveness is indefensible. Provocative … compelling … razor sharp … with solutions that work. This book is a must read.” — Dr. Troy R. Hutchings, Former Research Chair for the College of Education and School of Advanced Studies at the University of Phoenix.

“This book provides the topographic map which teachers need to steer clear of major hazards in the rapidly changing digital landscape. Mr. Lane’s sought after expertise remains both illuminating and accessible.” — Dr. Glenn S. Lipson, forensic psychologist and program director of the California School of Forensic Science at Alliant International University.

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

For the past twenty years, I have organized and presented seminars and lectures on a wide range of topics relating to my professional work and research. My entertaining, dynamic, and informative lectures are suitable for a variety of audiences, and can be adapted for your specific needs: keynote, breakout session, workshop, moderated panel, or information night.

Here is a partial list of my upcoming lectures:

To schedule a presentation on any of these topics, or to have a lecture tailored to your organization’s interests or needs, click here to contact me.

My Interview with Jon Stewart on “The Daily Show

In August 2006, I had the privilege of appearing on “The Daily Show with John Stewart” to discuss my then-latest book, The Decency Wars: The Campaign to Cleanse American Culture. It was a little nerve-wracking, but a great deal of fun. You can watch the clip of my interview by clicking on the box below.

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