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1   Link   Beacon Broadside
An online venue for essays, news items, and dispatches from Beacon authors, authors who serve as advisors or friends of the house, staff and others.
2   Link   BookEnds
The house blog of the literary agency BookEnds, LLC.
3   Link   Candleblog
Candleblog is the online journal of Vermont filmmaker, Bill Simmon.
4   Link   The Carpetbagger Report
Commentary and analysis on politics in America by Steve Benen.
5   Link   Digital Dirt Blawg
Computer forensics news, legal decisions, and analysis by Frederick Lane.
6   Link   Eduwonk
Eduwonk is a blog written by Andrew Rotherham, Co-founder and Publisher of Education Sector.
7   Link   Erickson's
Looking at the intersection of technology, social media, Web 2.0, and the law.
8   Link   Graham Raubvogel's Blog
All things film ....
9   Link   Guernica
A Magazine of Art & Politics.
10   Link   The Huffington Post
The breaking news and opinion blog founded by Arianna Huffington.
11   Link   Talk to Action
A platform for reporting on, learning about, and analyzing and discussing the religious right -- and what to do about it.
12   Link   Vermont Daily Briefing
Political commentary by UVM Professor and novelist Philip Baruth.
13   Link   Tynan on Tech
Tech talk without the usual B.S.

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