Expert Witness in Computer Forensics

I have been working in the field of computer forensics since 1999, when I provided expert witness services in one of the nation’s first Internet-related murder cases (United States v. Dean). Since that time, I have worked as a consultant and expert witness in more than one hundred cases around the United States, assisting attorneys and their clients on a wide variety of topics, including the misuse of social media, embezzlement, domestic relations, obscenity, and child pornography.

In 2001, I consulted with the U.S. Department of Justice during its defense of the Child Online Protection Act, and I have worked with a variety of municipalities and legislatures on policies ranging from the zoning of sexually oriented businesses to appropriate handling of sexting cases. As a retained expert in a sealed appeal of a security clearance revocation, I was recently accepted as an expert by the Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals (a branch of the DOD Defense Legal Services Agency) in the methodology and technology used to create, distribute, and acquire child pornography.

Much of my work stems from my recognition as an expert on the origins, growth, and operation of the online pornography industry. My first book, Obscene Profits: The Entrepreneurs of Pornography in the Cyber Age, was the first to study adult websites and remains the standard today. Since the release of Obscene Profits, I have appeared on numerous national television and regional radio programs to discuss and explain the business of pornography. With Greg Piccionelli, Esq., I wrote The Online Adult Entertainment Webmaster Legal Resource (Tech Law Seminars 2004), a comprehensive review of the legal issues that apply to online adult entertainment sites. As part of my on-going research in this field, I have maintained and routinely add to a research database of more than 20,000 articles stretching back more than two decades.